He truly believes in mentoring students. He’s directly connected students with media companies and people, helping hundreds of students get internships at The Colbert Report, DreamWorks, Pixar, Paramount, Paramount Animation, on Lodge 49, Family Guy, Hulu, Spike TV, Seventh Summits, NBCUniversal, Lucasfilm, ILM, CAA, UTA, Vendome, Aletheia Films, the Telluride Film Festival, Wallflowers, Paramount, Di Bonaventura Pictures (Transformers, G.I. Joe, Salt, Red), Weed Road (A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend, Lone Survivor, Mr. & Mrs. Smith), and Plattform (Hap & Leonard, The Guest, You’re Next, Cheap Thrills) among others.

He’s also set up and lead dozens of visits to media companies including NBCUniversal, Facebook, Pixar, Google, DreamWorks, IMAX, YouTube, Skywalker Ranch, LucasFilm, Paramount, and the Family Guy office.