• Book published. Post-Production and the Invisible Revolution of Filmmaking: From the Silent Era to Synchronized.Routledge Press. 2018. In this book, he examines the discourses surrounding post-production, as well as the aesthetic effects of its introduction during the 1920s and 1930s, by exploring the philosophies and issues faced by practitioners during this transitional, transformative period. https://www.routledge.com/Post-Production-and-the-Invisible-Revolution-of-Filmmaking-From-the-Silent/Larkin/p/book/9781138588332

    "Beyond the existing canon of critical reception theory on Film Sound, Larkin’s work is a significant expansion of an emerging specialty: the history of the post-production of mainstream films and the art history which considers the collective authorship of soundtracks by industrial artisans." —David Stone, Professor of Sound Design, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Academy Award© winner for Best Sound Effects Editing, Bram Stoker’s i (1992), and author of Hollywood Soundi Design and Moviesound Newsletter: A Case Study of the End of the Analog Age. (2017, Focal Press).

    "The evolution of sound from its inception in The Jazz Singer in 1927 to its present subliminal importance in film is clearly highlighted in this text. Larkin’s readable history of this on-going development contributes richly to the collaborative art of post-production." —John J. Michalczyk, Director, Film Studies Program, Boston College, USA.

  • Published article in Hollywood Weekly Magazine: The Evolution of Practitioner and Practice. 2017.

  • Published articles on production history in Cinema of Change Magazine. Articles include The Picture PressThe Camera Has Ears, and DeMille and the Leopard. 2015.

  • Grasslands Review. Stories collected from Iraqi writers published in the journal of the Indiana State University English Department: Speaking of Baghdad. 2009.

  • JAC published all thirty plays from the Grimm shows in a collection in 2012. In 2013, JAC published individual plays in single volumes.