Here’s a guide for some good entertainment websites to check out to build your career:

Job sites:

Some folks have had some luck with these but it’s truly hit or miss:

Some good blogs and websites for students and those starting off:

General company sites with special attention paid here to internship pages. For many internships, you must receive college credit for the work. If your institution does not provide this, some students register at certain community colleges for special courses designed for this, and there are some that do so in the Los Angeles area. Check these websites to find more information:

Specific shows also take interns. Late night shows often use quite a few:

Twitter is a great way to follow companies, and they tend to tweet when jobs are actually listed. Find the places you want to work and follow them. You can start with these:

Regarding to and applying for festivals:

For getting tickets to shows while in Los Angeles:  

  • Tickets for all the scripted shows that film on the WB lot are on For our talk shows, you have to go on their individual websites. There's Ellen (, Conan (, and The Real (
  •  1iota is a great site for tickets, typically for alternative series shows like Kimmel, The Voice, etc.
  • Audiences Unlimited/ usually has the scripted series variety.
  • Some wise advice from someone in the know?   "Google search the show you want to see + the word tickets and it will take you straight to whatever the ticketing site the show uses. The most important thing is looking AHEAD of time (1-2 weeks) and seeing what's available. If you book in advance you may get bumped to priority (happened for me at Conan) and please show up EARLY. Shows overbook due to flakey people so sometimes they have to turn people away. (Depending on popularity of show/ how many "production friends" show up). And 1iota is cool because if you tell it your interests sometimes it will email you if your favorite artist will be on a show (like Kimmel). Also don't reserve and flake. I know 1iota keeps track of that."

For general news and info:

For inspiration as a student filmmaker – see the films the famous ones made when they were students:

 Great industry programs and organizations. Please note their deadlines as they are often absolute:

For writers:

General info for filmmakers in general:

Special programs — DIVERSITY IN HOLLYWOOD: