When I started as a graduate student at Berkeley, I kept getting questions about working in the industry. I soon realized there was a tremendous amount of knowledge I had gained over the years about doing just that. There is a lot of information out there on becoming an actor, a director, or a writer, but little good stuff on how to have a career working in the industry. Also, many people work in it as they pursue their acting, directing, and writing dreams!

As I shared more, I saw that so much of Hollywood was an unwritten code. Specifically, there's a way to act, to speak, and to connect, and Hollywood people can usually spot if you have it immediately. The best way to succeed to adopt what I call patterns of behavior. If a student knew them, they vastly increased their chances of finding a career. 

Some people know all this, often from growing up the industry. They get a critical advantage. Why shouldn't you have to edge, too?